The best Canadian way
to manage your credit

eCreditBuilder rebuilds your credit rating, creates budgets, tracks expenses, and offers helpful tips on how to improve your cash flow.

There is no magic bullet to credit rebuilding. Many consumers don't realize that credit is an important part of accumulating wealth in Canada. Credit is easily damaged but it can take years to repair without the right information

Here is what our program offers you:

Free Financial Empowerment Education, Budgeting and Credit Tools:
  • Access to online budget planning, tracking and budgeting advice
  • Important credit education
  • Financial Empowerment Information on wealth creation, cost cutting tips, and more.
  • Financial Education in preparation for upcoming car loans and mortgages
  • Access to more than 15 years of proven credit rebuilding experience

Online credit monitoring - $ 1200 /year

* These services maybe already provided as part of your 4 Pillars fees.

  • Access to pre approved credit rebuilding products
  • Proven credit rebuilding plans that produce real results
  • Customized credit rebuilding programs to fit your needs
  • Personalied credit file update guidance
  • Access to online budget planning. tracking and budgeting advice
  • Access to the 4 Pillars Aftercare Financial Empowerment Platform