The best Canadian way
to manage your credit

eCreditBuilder rebuilds your credit rating, creates budgets, tracks expenses, and offers helpful tips on how to improve your cash flow.

eCreditBuilder Makes Credit Rebuilding Easy!

Our portal is designed to assess your current financial situation then build a detailed credit rebuilding plan that walks you step by step through each pre-approved financial product.

How does it Work?

The service is designed to walk you through the entire credit rebuilding process. From start to finish we setup customized credit rebuilding plans with pre-approved financial products that are all designed to improve your credit over time.

How does the Credit Monitoring work?

Our unique partnership with the credit reporting agencies allows us to monitor your credit report and score with our credit rebuilding services walk you through our step by step plans. As you follow our credit rebuilding plans you will see your credit score improve while monitoring your credit file to ensure your information is accurate.

How to start using the eCreditBuilder portal:

  • You need to sign up (its free!)
  • Once you have verified your email address your account becomes activated
    (this is to make sure you have access to the account as we send you regular updates)
  • When you first log in we gather some basic information and you are free to explore our portal and begin using our budgeting services to track all your spending.

To start your credit rebuilding plan:

  • To begin credit rebuilding click on your profile page
  • Select the type of credit rebuilding plan you want and hit "next"
  • Once you have been confirmed as a 4 Pillars client, we will begin working on your detailed credit rebuilding plan
  • When you are ready to begin credit rebuilding click on the "Credit Rebuilding" tab and answer a few questions to make sure we start you on the right financial product.
  • Once the questionnaire is complete eCreditBuilder presents to you with your first credit rebuilding financial product.
  • You are now starting to rebuild your credit