The best Canadian way
to manage your credit

eCreditBuilder rebuilds your credit rating, creates budgets, tracks expenses, and offers helpful tips on how to improve your cash flow.

eCreditBuilder was designed to help average consumers improve their credit score. So many consumers have experienced credit problems and no one has been there to help them. Almost all information on the Internet is either misleading or incorrect. Consumers previously had nowhere to go for expert advice, easy to follow credit rebuilding plans, and access to your credit score for one affordable low price.

eCreditBuilder has brought together the education, tools, and knowledge to build the most comprehensive credit rebuilding portal in Canada

eCreditBuilder was to created so consumers could learn and experience how empowering it feels to build and maintain a strong credit. eCreditbuilder provides Canada's most comprehensive credit rebuilding platform designed to help consumers build what so many others take for granted.

Creating a strong credit score is a key to financial stability and wealth creation in Canada. At eCreditBuilder we believe everyone should have the same opportunity.