eCreditBuilder Credit Rebuilding Programs

Where do you start?

Credit rebuilding is not hard to do once you understand a few basic rules, create a credit rebuilding plan, and make your payments on time.

You are confused and we understand your position. When you have bad credit no one wants to give you credit but the only way to get good credit is to obtain new credit, use it responsibly and start to build a positive payment history. It sounds so easy but in reality it can be a very frustrating experience without the right plan and access to the products you need.

At eCreditBuilder we help you rebuild your credit, accumulate wealth, and give you a fresh start on your road to financial recovery.

How credit rebuilding plans work:

eCreditBuilder has created a comprehensive credit rebuilding engine built upon these three simple steps:

Credit Rebuilding Step 1: Credit File Clean Up

  • Is your credit file accurate
  • Do you have debts in collections
  • What type of credit lines (if any) do you have?
  • Have you had difficulty in obtaining or using credit in the past?

Credit Rebuilding Step 2: Creating a credit rebuilding program including:

  • Financial products that should be in your financial profile
  • Financial products that are going to give the greatest improvement to your score
  • Correct timing for obtaining each new financial product
  • Eliminating financial mistakes that are negatively affecting your credit rebuilding program

Credit Rebuilding Step 3: Protecting your credit rating including:

  • Understanding how to protect your creditor rating
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls of many who have good credit
  • Understanding what type of creditors you should avoid

Written By:

Troy Tisserand is a founding partner of eCreditBuilder. Troy is active in public speaking engagements, financial literacy initiatives, and building the eCreditBuilder brand. Find out more about Troy at his Google+ profile found here: Troy Tisserand